walk down - Siebdruck in Farbe

handsigniert, nummeriert
Auflage 100 Exemplare.
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68x48cm, auf BüttenPapier 89x60cm.
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Esther GENTLE,, Esther Gentle (1899 – 1991), had worked in the screen-printing division of the WPA and, after the end of the WPA, began reproducing artists’ works in screenprint/pochoir for sale in museum gift stores, etc. She employed a number of artists that she had worked with at the WPA to assist. Many of these were done with the permission of the artist and occasionally, as in the case of Hans Hofmann in 1952, worked with Gentle (who had studied with him) to create the image. Some of her commissions were from museums and galleries.. She became Abraham Rattner's second wife in 1949. Gentle ran an art reproductions business and a New York art gallery. Her work is part of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art's permanent collection. Studied: with Michael Schindler; Art Students League; Hans Hofmann; Abraham Rattener.