Ready for roaming - Siebdruck in Farbe aus 2016

handsigniert, nummeriert
Auflage 15 Exemplare.
datiert: 2016
Format der Darstellung:
abfallend, auf BüttenPapier 40x30cm.

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Fabrizio CONTARINO, is a visual artist and illustrator based in Barcelona. He has got a degree in advertising techniques and in Barcelona he studied Artistic research at Ub (graduating a Master in 2010). Efficient materials like paper, pen ink or watercolor as well as digital tools are the techniques he uses the most, often taking references to art history, pop cultura and social protest.
He has worked for Rojo magazine, smart or pepe jeans London among other and his work has been featured in the New Italian Design archive at La Triennale di Milano and exhibited in solo or group shows, including the Biennial of artist of Europe and Mediterranea in Athens, Design made at the Hangaram Design Museum in Seul or Bac at CCCB in Barcelona along with other contemporary artists.