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Paseo interior


handsigniert, nummeriert, datiert: 1990

Auflage 75 Exemplare.
Format der Darstellung:
45x65cm, auf BüttenPapier 56x76cm.

Gabriel MACOTELA, Born in 1954 in Jalisco, Mexico, he is a sculptor, printmaker, draftsman, designer, editor and musician. He studied at the Escuela Nacional de Pintura "La Esmeralda" and the National School of Fine Arts San Carlos in the workshop Gilberto Aceves Navarro. In 1977 he founded "Cocina Ediciones Mimeográficas" His first exhibition was held at the Casa del Lago in 1976. He subsequently presented "Diario Horizonte" and "Ciudad a la Intemperie" (Museo Carrillo Gil, 1983 and 1991 respectively), "Ciudad Rota" (Museum of Modern Art, 1986), "Personalidades y su Sombra" (Centro Cultural de Mexico in Paris and Barcelona, 1990). He also participated in Painting Biennial in Havana, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Cuenca and presented in group exhibitions in Mexico and abroad in 1996 was invited to the exhibition "Art" object "held at the Museum of Modern Art . His work consists of etchings, oils, acrylics and sculptures. Among his recent works are La Selva Latenor, the series of twelve prints the lottery, several ink drawings and bronze sculptures. Macotela is a maker of things, invented instruments according to their needs color and has made several artist's books. In 1996 he participated in the Master Plate Aceves Navarro at Santa Maria la Ribera. In 1988 he was awarded the Premio INBA acquisition in 1993 won the toy-art-object in the Museo José Luis Cuevas. In 1998 he was deserving of the Scholarship Program and Project Development FONCA Conversions on the paper workshop in Oaxaca. Macotela Gabriel joined the National System of Creators of Art in 1993 and rejoined in 1997. Gabriel Macotela develop a critical discourse concerning the reality around him, usually with a decadent vision: the relationships between humans, the economy world, the contradictions of the capitalist system, among other topics. Macotela is confirmed as an artist committed to his world in his work is the most appropriate means of expressing his thought. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, United States, Latin America and Europe.