strucured II - Lithographie in Farbe


handsigniert, nummeriert
Auflage 30 Exemplare.
datiert: 1990
Format der Darstellung:
76x123cm, auf BüttenPapier 97x121cm.
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Versand erfolgt zwischen zwei Hartfaserplatten,
Sperrgutaufschlag EUR 35,-
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Peter SELTZER, Peter Seltzer is one of those rare talents that is so identified with the mastery of a medium that his name becomes synonymous with that medium. Is there a more accomplished still life artist in America? I sincerely believe there is not. One constantly needs to be reminded that it is the medium of Pastel that is being employed. The pastel medium, we are reminded, is one of the most difficult to understand and to control and Peter Seltzer is a technical wizard. But it is more than the razzle-dazzle skill that draws us to Seltzer’s work. This is an artist who enjoys ideas, and who challenges himself continually to create works that draw strength from concepts. These are intelligent works that engage the viewer and require him to examine in detail the wonderful nuances, the subtle placement of elements that excite us. But in addition to the obvious display of craftsmanship and Peter Seltzer’s employment of fascinating content, we cannot help but marvel at his extraordinary sense of visual order. His art can be seen as a virtual classroom in which classical organizational lessons can be taught to anyone interested in digging into the work. Seltzer truly is a master at manipulating lines, shapes, colors and textures in creating a sense of order that would have impressed Cezanne. And speaking of Cezanne, I don’t know of another still life artist who employs light and dark as effectively as Peter Seltzer. In the end it may be his understanding of values that give the work such power. He is a complete artist and, I believe, an artist whose work will long be associated with multi-tiered excellence. His achievement should serve to inspire every artist, present and future, who puts pastel to paper. Dr. Louis Zona Director, Butler Institute of American Art