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Pinter-Andras FERENC
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handsigniert, nummeriert,
Auflage XXV Exemplare.
Format der Darstellung:
35x35cm, auf BüttenPapier 42x58cm.

Dieses Blatt wurde in Kooperation des Künstler mit der Galerie GTK produziert.
Aus den Erlösen wird das
Phantastenmuseum Wien
gefördert und unterstützt.
András FERENC, 2018 - DLA candidate; Title of doctoral research: Interpreting gesture systems in painting, particularly from the aspect of facture-material relationship structures. 2013 - 2017 University of Pécs, Hungary, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Doctoral School, painter DLA student, mentor: László Valkó professor emeritus; 1999 - 2004 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Degree in Painting, mentor: Károly Klimó; Teaching certificate in Art, Art History, and Visual Communication; 1995 - 1999 Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest; To make abstraction authentic we have to know what we abstrahate from. First we have to build the form to demolish it, then recreate it, sometimes only with a gesture. We should walk along the path patiently with humility, commitment and with respect for the profession. Acquirement of the traditional (academic) knowledge is crucial part and premise of any kind of artistic self-expression. To me, the immanent influences of painting and aesthetics are more important and determining than social events. Substantive, specific in what I do is the technique (the materials I work with), on the other hand the message, the narrative, the system of gestrures, the facture and the system of symbols.