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Richard DAVIES
New York I - Farblithographie - überarbeitet

aus den USA

handsigniert, nummeriert, überarbeitet
Auflage 60 Exemplare.
datiert: 1991
Format der Darstellung:
125x100cm, auf BüttenPapier 150x97cm.

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Richard DAVIES, From across the ocean in his workshop and gallery in Canterbury, England, Richard Davies selects one theme for his screenprints and focuses all of his energy on developing a suite of images around this specific subject. His most successful to date is the Manhattan Suite, a group of portraits of famous New York skyscrapers. Combining two or even three images together into one cohesive entity, he creates dramatic levels and angles, which entice the viewers eye to discover the city in fresh and exciting ways. His views are unique having experimented with numerous trials and metamorphosis until just the right image emerges. Born on the Isle of Wright, Richard studied fine art at the Portsmouth College of Art. Once there, he was awarded a painting scholarship, which enabled him to travel extensively in Europe. Davis continued on to the Royal College of Art at which he studied printmaking and was conferred a Master of Art degree. He has studied at the Cite International des Arts and has been a lecturer and instructor of painting and printmaking at London College and Canterbury College of Art. Davies' prints are included in the collections of numerous museums and corporations.