Misterium of Motion 12 aus 1973 - Fotographie - Pigmentdruck

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Auflage XXV Exemplare.
Format der Darstellung:
35x25cm, auf BüttenPapier (Hahnemühle 300g) 59.6x42cm.

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Waclaw ROPIECKI (Peter PILGRIM), Born in Poland. Graduated mathematics. Art.diplomma in photography. Visual Artist. Writer. Painter. Lecturer. Curator. Guest teacher at academies of fine art. Missionary and volunteer in Russia and Ukraine. Since December 1981, after the introduction of the Martial Law in Poland, in an act of protest he refuses for few years to show his artworks in official galleries, but presents his works at his friends homes, in private gatherings, artists studios, offices etc. Since then he calls all his art activities The Travelling Gallery MORE LIGHT!, The Gallery currently consists of following projects: PILGRIM'S ART – collection of paintings and mixed media that give the insight into the the spirit world. - TO LIFE THROUGH ART!, series of self-portraits from Authotherapeutical Seances (1970-1981). – Travelling Gallery ARCHIPELAGO, a collection of pictures of artists taken since his first exhibition in 1971 till present day. – THE MORNING COFFEE! – artworks that on exhibitions take a form of mixed media 3D installations, when sent by e-mail they take a form of newsletters. – THE UNKNOWN RUSSIA – a set of exhibitions and lectures about everyday life of ordinary people living in extraordinary conditions. Waclaw Ropiecki took part in many individual and group exhibitions and his artworks are in museums and private collections in Europe and USA.